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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that happened this week or what might happen next. some downtown banks are boarding up haeftd weekend. a spokesperson for chase bank told abc 7 the decision was made after protesters returned to the area today. >> downward spiral. >> to some, these are just another sign they must fend for themselves with little help from the mayor. >> she has in the responded to my first letter or second letter. we had a meeting with her two days ago z all she can do is walk. >> the mayor did hint thursday something needs to be done with a giant encampment. >> it can't go on what's happening in the plaza. this, my top priority is working to try to get communication with them to, see if we can get a peaceful resolution. >> marlene sacks is with oaklanders against the parcel tax. it's a $80 tax raising $60 million for a variety of
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services including police. she doesn't like what she saw last week after police cleaned out the camp. >> the fact is that campers were allowed to return immediately. the city estimates it spent approximately $1 million on that one day effort and it was for nothing. >> i think money was wasted on tuesday. they cleared the park. and engaged in unnecessary actions. but it's hard... objectively to reach the conclusion the city is wasting this funds. >> the encampment continues. about 35 students from lincoln high school visited this morning. >> people may say we're younger and our voices aren't as powerful. youth is like the future with, out us, the world won't keep going. >> that is on the conversations between business leaders and the city within just the past few months, the
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person you heard there was frustrated and came out of a meeting with both the mayor and police chief, we're aweight word on whether there was a better dialogue. and another reason those downtown banks might be boarding up in the afternoon at 5:00 there is a rally scheduled here at the plaza to mark the one-year anniversary of the sentencing of johannes mehserle the former bart police officer that shot and killed as skor grant. oscar grant plaza is what demonstrators renamed this area n oakland laura anthony abc 7 news. >> in oakland tonight there is a new charge of police brutality against a occupy oakland protestor and once again, involving a war veteran who had surgery today for a ruptured spleen. we're live with tonight's developments on this. >> that is right. we know is that he is out of surgery now and recoveringing
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in intensive care unit here at highland hospital. as you know this is the second time in just two weeks that a war veteran has been injured and today, i spoke with his family members. and his sister tells me that she is devastated by this and something has to change in this city. >> she says her little brother is an iraq war veteran supporting the occupy oakland movement. in an interview with abc 7 news she told us her little brother did participate in the peaceful general strike during the day, wednesday, but lives near the plaza and walking home along 14th street wednesday night away from the violence, when police stopped him. >> he was out there to support his city and his fellow oakland residents. >> the former army ranger was ordered to walk in another
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direction. and when he asked why, his sister says they beat him with batons, rupturing his spleen. >> just because have you power to do so doesn't mean you have the right to do so. >> he was taken to a detention facility for resisting arest. sholeh says he was begging to see a doctor he asked for some asy stance. they told him to stop taking heroin. another time told him he was an alcoholic and a diea beatic. >> after the military he became an entrepreneur and co-owns a brewerry. his sister says he dedicated his life to serving the count skpri did not deserve to be treated the way he was wednesday night. >> i'm furious at wait they treated my little brother, i'm so mad. >> she says she did not find
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out until he was brought to the hospital last night nearly 24 hours after he was taken into come. she blames oakland police and alameda county sheriffs department. >> they hurt him, then refused to help him. >> he did receive a statement from the alameda county sheriff's department. they say they're investigating the claim, and they say they're reviewing video as part of the investigation. we know that oakland police launches a similar investigation today, now, his family is just focusing on getting him better, trying to overcome this brutality he claims he suffered. reporting in oakland abc 7 news. >> and from one member of the bart board tonight, an admission, if police had known wednesday night what they now know, they might have handled the case of a driver hitting two pedestrians differently.
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>> let's revisit cell phone video capturing key moments wednesday night. and two cars tried to cross. a protestor jumps in front. the driver stops. the protestor pounds on the hood. the driver peels out, injuring the man in front, and also another woman behind. officers handled the case for police. >> i think he was angry. and he just seemed to use restraint. he didn't care. >> the crowd wanted the driver arrested but police let him go. a move one bart board member would be more critical of had police seen the video. >> if haid thaid seen the video would you have expected a different outcome? >> i think they would have been just a little bit more diligent in keeping that person on hand. >> as bart board president bob franklin noted today as far as police knew this was a misdemeanor. oakland police told bart to
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let him go. >> they didn't consider this possibly an attack with dadely weapon. a car. >> they probably considered it but there is a volatile situation to bring in more police cars, tow truck to take off to create a disturbance. >> the crowd surrounded a bart police car, pulling out slowly. bystanders accused police of having a double standard in dealing with suspects. >> if i ran someone over, where would i go? they might put my black ass under the jail. >> and bart considered mark smith will conduct the investigation. >> with every investigation, including this one, we seek witnesses and gathered evidence. >> bart says it will take as long as it needs to finish the investigation and oakland police say they're looking into the accident investigation but will not release any other details.
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in oakland wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> and some of the occupy protestors turned their focus to the nation's big banks today, dozens of parents and kids took part in a stroller march. they woke to a wells fargo bank where the group rallied and mothers went inskpid closed they're kts. >> our kids are suffering. and that is not okay. 99% here to say we've got to -- it's not fair, it's got to stop. we need to share. my one and a half year old and 3 envelope year old know how to share. yet 1% of the banks don't share. >> and wells fargo says they're committed to sharing their resources and says, quote, in 2010 we don glaited $219 million to chairitable organizations and locally more than $20.7 million to nonprofits and schools alone last year. >> that march comes on the eve of a nationwide bank transfer day campaign organizers urging
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customers of big banks to close out their accounts and join credit unions or community banks tomorrow. and there is a well known south bay millionaire has chosen to do just that. >> mike fox senior is a prominent businessman and he is pulling his money out of bank of america. he says the bank can, and should do more when it comes to loan modifications and foreclosure crisis. >> i'm the jerk standing up to anything. and get flak from my wife and family. but my conscience just makes me want to be that jerk. that has to stand up for what is right and even what is wrong. >> fox's action on the eve of bank transfer day. a movement launched on facebook. it was designed to punish banks for proposed debit card fees. this week, the bank joined chase and wells fargo and cancelled plans. >> i think they realized that this would with detrimental to
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go forward with a fee like this. >> we talked with an organizer of bank transfer day. >> it's unfortunate that executives don't understand it's not a drks -- it's the principles behind it. >> and many people say it's an idea whose time has come. >> we're not out to talk bank of america but are out to get their attention. i think we're getting it credit union national association says 650,000 people switched to credit unions last month, but not everyone is ready for change. >> this is anything. soy keep saying with bank of america. >> many credit unions will be open extra hours tomorrow to take advantage of public sentiment seeming to come from a number of fronts.
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>> and there is a lot more to come to later tonight. a local shelter and what is going to happen to dozens of veterans. >> a new budget crisis facing california schools. >> and i'm spencer chris chichblt here comes rain, again. a look at where and when it will alive slick /1ñ1ñ1ñ.
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all right. we're following breaking news tonight. two lanes of northbound 101 had to be close forward a short time. san francisco police investigated a shooting that injured a child here in this neighborhood. >> an 11-year-old girl graze bid a bullet today, taken to the hospital. police say she's going to be okay. she was not the target of the gunman. police stopped their car on highway 101 and have taken three people into custody again. and teachers are worried about what is still to come. unless more revenue somehow appears in a bank account spending cuts will kick in. now, state account is $700 million below forecast with more people spending less. school services has been keeping an eye on the economy to advise school districts. a 4th grade teacher began to cry when told cuts are a real possibility. >> i'm sorry i'm getting meegsal but you are talking to a
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person that fought for these students for a long time. >> a lot of our kids tried to do their best and get good grades and help our teacher out z like, do fund-raisers. >> and public universities are on the list for cuts. state department of finance says it's too earlly to worry. >> and meantime an emergency homeless veteran's facility will close doors at the end of the year, more than 100 fragile residents don't want to leave. they're scared and worried about what may happen to them down the road. >> 7,000 people have come through the veteran facility in menlo park since opening a decade ago. it's a place where they can rebuild lives, escape from addiction and find jobs. the va hospital and many services are also nearby. jeremy served with a marines in iraq. >> services, medical services,
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importantly rehabilitation. they're here. >> former loems veteran started the shelter in a partner swhip a veteran's administration providing a building and grant money. now, va says 150 residents here must move out by the end of december. the building will be torn down because it is unsafe. those close-knit veterans don't want to leave. ed mack fought in vietnam. >> this is a clean and sober environment. we're going to lose that. that is the worst thing that can happen now. >> among these here, a world war ii veteran, 95 years old. >> it's real hard to beat the procedure that they have get people that are really in desperate need. >> today, social workers visited to begin relocating them to other facilities. >> none of them, none of them will end up on the street. >> veterans are skeptical.
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>> promises are made to be kbrong. now, it's been broken. >> the va spokes spernz they've extended a deadline over several years. now, this is it. but there is one ray of hope for the residents. er win says he's found an apartment building could house most of the vets. he's hoping to close the deal by march. we asked him if the va could extend the deadline just one more time. >> if he could show us the paper work that he's going to get it and our grant folk goes over and inspect it, it could happen. >> if it does, those here say it would prove that the government really does put veterans first. >> cold enough for you?. >> boy this, morning it's getting chilly. >> it's going to be chillier in the morning. temperatures below freezing in spots. winter like chill is in the air.
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there is a live view now from our south beach camera. looking northward just a few clouds in the sky. there is a beautiful and clear, cool beginning, temperatures low to mid-50s, there is a uniform range of temperatures, subfreezing temperatures tonight. frost advisories in affect. rain arriving late saturday, overnight. sunny skies sunday afternoon. and tonight we do have a frost advisory in effect for north bay interior valleys. and there is carmel valley looking at this from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. two. hours are freezing and a range of temperatures between 28-32 degrees. so let's take a look at lows we're forecasting tonight. 34 degrees clover dale. 31 santa rosa. napa, 37. and fairfield 34. livermore, 35. so 30s all around the bay skpaer low 40s around the bay and near the coast. satellite radar image showing
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yesterday's upper level low pushing out of the bay area now. coming into our direction now there is this cold front going bring us rainfall and throughout the forecast at 11:00 saturday morning and by 4:00 saturday afternoon, rain pushing through the north bay and perhaps beyond. and in by 8:00 tomorrow night, heavier rain head of the frontal system reaching many parts of the bay area. we're going to get wet weather tomorrow night. front swinging through overnight tomorrow night into sunday morning. and then, most of the day sunday should be dry with at least partly sunny skies. there is sierra, winter like. a winter storm watch is in forecast sunday morning stoichl 12 inches of snow above 6,000 feet. and there is travel delays likely. tomorrow, we've seen rain arriving first in the north bay. sunshine in other parts of the bay area today.
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high temperatures not reaching much above 60 degrees tomorrow. 61 in palo alto z similar readings to our south and there is 60 in watsonville. here is the accu-weather forecast. after that bout of rain overnight, during which time we are encouraged to set our clocks back to standard time. clearing sunday, sunny skies monday and tuesday. not much of a warm up. there is a chance of rain next week, thursday, friday. >> thank you. >> okay. >> new evidence of emkbrelzment tonight in a giants front office. >> stay with us. and abc 7 news i team follow up is coming up next. toothpaste is the wrong thing to use on a denture, it could be very abrasive. if the surface gets abraded, it's just the environment that bacteria likes to nestle into and they can cause the odor.
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your denture needs to be cleaned gently on a daily basis. i like to recommend polident, it kills the bacteria without causing any abrasion. when my patients follow my instructions, their dentures feel clean and fresh. they look forward to putting them in their mouth and smiling.
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6. abc 7 news i team reports the giants payroll manager accused of embezzlement may be headed for a guilty police. prosecutors increasing the amount of money the 41-year-old is expected of embezzling to $2.2 million. prosecutors want him to return the money and two vehicles she bought this year. seen here at her home h in august, giants told dan noyes they discovered embezzlement after she applied for a home loan, contacted by the lender. an fbi affidavit shows she forged a letter from the team human resources department to
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exexplain large deputies t to -- deposits to her account. >> jaycee dugard is urging people to keep children safe. >> hi this, is jaycee dugard. just ask yourself to care. if you see something that looks wrong, speak out. you might be wrong but you might just safe someone's live. >> her announcement promotes her jaycee foundation to help families get treatment after an abduction. dugard was kidnapped from south lake tahoe when she was 11. she spent 18 years living in a backyard near antioch. kidnappers are now serving life sentences in prison. >> still coming up a big shake up tonight in a bay area solar company. a ceo tells abc 7 news why the company will not be the next solyndra. >> we'll follow up with a woman whose return to a house she was ejected from. she was not the only one.
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>> and big ideas coming out of the bay area to help alleviate
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california's solar industry. what had been a prom yitsing bright spot is showing signs of distress. david louie was of a shake up in san jose's sun power. >> first a bankruptcy of solyndra. now, sun power hit rough waters. a $370 million quarterly loss. triggering layoffs. sun power's ceo, tom warner thinks a turn around won't happen overnight. >> we see this as a year to maybe two years and then, we can see demand resuming and growth. >> but the slow down in sales
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and a flood of low cost panels coming from china extended losses past a half billion. sun power has a deep pocket partner, a french company ranking among the top and oil and energy companies in the world. paying $1.3 kbrinl for a 60% stake in sun power. its president seeing it as a lock long term dreel deel. >> he plans on solar being a main stream energy resource in 2020, 2030. he's betting on sun power to be top three, if not number one. >> sun power applies for and received a $1.2 billion loan guarantee on the last day of the federal energy program in september. financing a 250 megawatt solar generation project in san luis obispo county called california valley solar ranch. sun power's partner in that project is now the sole owner and holder of the loan guarantee. there is given mounting
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competition, it needs government help so says executive director of the sanford center for energy, and physical. >> got to continue provide strong research and development funding. second, we ought to fix, not throw away, this important loan guarantee program z third, we ought to provide incentives for solar and wind, other technologies. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the white house is refusing to hand over anymore information about the failed fremont solar maker. lawmakers issued companies for all communications and says it's been driven by partisan politics. solyndra laid off workers anded administration turned over 85,000 pages of solyndra document autos and g.o.p.
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presidential hopeful herman cain back before the crowd today trying to bring normalcy to the campaign. >> i've been in washington all week. and have attracted a little bit of attention. >> yes. all week long, he's had to respond to allegations of sexual harassment from three former employees. one women released a statement today through her lawyer details were lacking. >> mr. cain knows specific incidents that are alleged. my client file aid written complaint in 1999 against him, and it had very specific incidents in it. >> and aside from the statement the woman declined to revisit the incident anymore. her lawyer said. to other women have made similar allegations against cain. he has maintained he has never sexually harassed anyone. >> and a follow up to a story this week. a bay view woman broke back into her foreclosed home
6:32 pm
admits mistakes were made but carolyn gauge still blames the company that refinanced her home. and mark has been digging into this story. >> earlier this week, carolyn gauge broke back into her home, vowing to fight the company that now owns the property. tuesday, she won't talk about particulars in this case. today, she did. carolyn gauge stood in front of the home her father built and told reporters yes, she pulled cash out, refinancing several times. >> i did take out several loans to keep on top of bills and keep my home upyup graded. >> documents show the last was november, 2006. first payment due january, 2007. records indicate she never made a payment. >> that is not entirely true. i went to rescind the loan i could not get in contact with anyone. >> she says she called to try to cancel the loan but there is no documentation.
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>> there couldn't be of me calling them. >> you didn't send them a letter? >> i have faxes diexpend tried to contact them with no avail. >> those faxes were not included in the documents filed in a lawsuit thrown out of court. she said she's not sure she can find them n her defense the loan she agreed to was expensive. $525,000 at 11.99% variable interest, including $23,000 in loan fees and a monthly payment of $5200 that she was expected to make on a sheriff deputy payment. >> you thought you can make the payment? >> yes. >> gauge admits the loan was a mistake. not just hers, but there are 177 foreclosed homes for sale in her zip code z housing counselors say 1500 homes in
6:34 pm
this area have been foreclosed since 2008. >> communities were targeted with these loans. >> the housing counseling director of the housing development corporation. >> i can show you countless people who have come to the office. seniors who have been sold products with a clear understanding but whoever people were they cannot afford payments. >> attorneys say gauge never made a payment. declaring that to the court in december buchl this afternoon the california alliance for community empowerment e mailed me some credit union statements showing gauge transferred $25,000 from her credit yun dwroin someone in july, 2007 assuring me the 25 k went to the mortgage company. we're waiting for confirmation from the credit union.
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>> a lot more to this. thank you. >> and you have to look for them, but there are kbleechblt reasons to be optimistic about unemployment numbers. officially they added fewer than expected and jobless rate went down only slightly. but we've found a separate survey of households showed 277,000 people found jobs in october and we've added 300,000 jobs per month since august. the number of people unemployed for six months or more has fallen below six million z average wage has picked up to $23 an hour giving people more consumer spending power. most economists have now scaled back fears of a double dip deree session. >> despite glimmer of hope in the job market there are people looking for work in the bay area. kareem designs computer games and hasn't been able to find a job. he's using edd to build more games and doing his best to
6:36 pm
network. >> this can with people you can pick up contracts and opportunities to do a game for a platform. >> i got experience, it's just that kind of hard. to find a job and. >> staff says there has been a drop off in the number of people since occupy oakland protests have gone underway. there are two hire events next week, one, tuesday and another in cork concord and another in san francisco on wednesday. >> and it was a true gift to the city of san francisco. >> what is up next, the new film calling a legendary
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stanford bringing economic growth to developing countries around the world and now can do more of that thanks to a $150 million goift develop and expand it's work thousands of mile as way. >> for eight years, jim and his staff have taught a course called entrepreneur yil design for extreme affordibility. a big name for big idea was a noble purpose. >> we've done 70 projects, 18 partners in 11 country autos projects like solar power lights and incubators saved babies' lives in developing
6:40 pm
counts. all have been create bid students at stanford's graduate school of business. one is peter frickman. while at stanford came up with a way to help small plot farmers in rural areas where water is limited. >> grow more food, increase their income. what they need is appropriate and affordable irrigation technology autos he took that idea starting a company called drip tech in mountain view. now, serving 1,000 small farmers in india and china. unlike most systems this doesn't require filters or electricity. only a puckit and a way to control the flow of water. >> so have made it more affordable. and we can manufacture locally. >> the cost runs about $150 per half acheor. most small plot farms have
6:41 pm
less than five acres. more projects expected to be developed at graduate school of business in upcoming years thanks to a $150 million donation from a venture capitolist, bob king and his wife, dotty. and this will be the co-director. >> we pride ourselves on scrounging abilities. this makes it possible to take to it a new level. >> and with this money and he his staff will be able to find entrepreneurs in those countries and help them to further develop and expand projects. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> and up next grumt on sutro bath. >> and no more surprises.
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new corporate turmoil in
6:45 pm
yahoo. a share holder called on founder jerry yang to step down, citing published reports yang is trying to regain a controlling stake in the business. groupon, the company pioneered online discounts put the stock up for sale for the first time today and raised $700 million. and group onclosed a 30% premium over the opening price. >> and here is some good news, cell phone carriers agreed to let you know when you get close to getting over your minutes of great. >> and 7 on your side is here now to explain. >> now, this does, they're announcement does put teeth into the idea but it isn't the only choice. there are ways to deal with the cell phone bill shock right now. >> there is one thing they fear, it's overages.
6:46 pm
jeff knows all about that. he received a bill that was 50% higher than expected. >> so this is surprising and turns out it was an overage for 199 minutes. >> being hit without warning with huge charges is about to be a thing of the past. new commission guidelines requires companies to alert customers before and after they incur overage charges. steve is a spokesperson. >> wireless provider goesing to be sending free alerts to help them manage usage and avoid unexpected overage charges. >> the new rules start ruling out next year, sound gg to angie hicks from angie's list. however, she says there is more to do now than just wait for the new rule autos no one looks out for you more than you do. >> angie says many waste money not by going over they're lou
6:47 pm
yens but buying too much in the first place. >> one of the things people don't often do is evaluate their own usage patterns. and make sure that you're in this plan that is the right size, sometimes, too big. >> that is k.cost $10 a month. now, that may not seem like much, but adds up. angie says pick up the phone and ask for a better deal. >> you might see deals on tv oofring low introduction rates fchl you're a great customer asking for retention department, ask for those same deals yourself. a lot of times you're going get those. >> and if you don't and they won't budge, you should move to another care year thank you. >> and a popular stan fran landmark being examined in a new film. there is a world premier and don sanchez has a look about
6:48 pm
an open lent swim center. >> the film includes seven swimming pools, seating for 8,000 people, an ice rink. the baths, a world's largest indoor swimming facility. here sit today. below the cliff house. the ocean shoeing away at aging concrete. >> finest rulings of the west coast. >> this author learned to ice skate here and did research and wrote script with a film maker. and there is a gift for the then mayor, and everyone came here. >> only a dime to get n a quarter in you wanted to swim. >> many fotors from marilyn who ran the gift shop. she has 35,000 pictures. >> i learned something new every day. >> they never made money, and
6:49 pm
closed in 1956. a developer wanted to put in condo autos tearing it down was hard. >> 100,000 panes of glass, and there was a fire. a huge fire. everyone anyone came to see it. and it was an event. >> no one was charged and it was lost forever. >> it does stir memories for people here, and you can relive the experience in the film. they're going to be questions and answers after each screening and then, next week, the dvd version will be out. so we remember but could it be rebuilt. >> the concept is old fashioned. it's romantic idea. >> there is part of a bygone era. >> let's take a look the weekend forecast. >> yes. >> we've had camera friendly
6:50 pm
conditions here, how about this picture? there is an awesome picture. how about this time lapse? scattered clouds rolling through the sky. there is a pleasant day. tomorrow, we can expect rain developing into the north bay into afternoon hours and there is high temperatures upper 50s to around 60 tomorrow z sierra, snow is on the way again. there is 12 inches of snow above 6,000 feet. don't forget set your clocks back tomorrow night and sunday morning and monday, tuesday, partly cloudy skies and a chance of rain next thursday and d d d d d d d d d d d d d d
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coming up... >> you see what happened like in oakland? >> the mayor of new york giving a shout out but says what happens here needs to stay here. >> and a concern over exploding shipping containers, one worker tells a bchl c 7 one blup on him. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and on to sports and a lot
6:54 pm
of time to talk about people. >> yes. and. >> there is a focus on carson palmer, is he ready. phones going to be missing one of the biggest on sunday. mcfadden hurting his foot in a loss to chiefs a couple weeks ago and had prob tense and michael bush going to start in his place z there is a nagging hamstring injury. 49ers take on redskins and carl yots rogers can not wait to face his old team. rogers a former first round pick failed to impress in six seasons and then signed in the off season, and three passes and seven games with the signers. >> he's just got out and that is what it's all about. and he's, you know, he's starting to look at negative
6:55 pm
stuff instead of positive things he did bring to the team. that you know once you're losing that is how it is. >> the biggest team in college football is tomorrow. lsu and alabama what. is at stake? they figure to move up to number three assuming they take care of their own business. cardinals visit oregon state. and there is coming off a triple overtime win. they've got oregon game head next week. >> we know it's a tough place to play. great game z very well coached teams and they're tough. they're hard nosed and dry around in football. so we know there is no weeks november college football. >> cal is home against washington state. and there is seven picks in three games, four came against ucla last week.
6:56 pm
a loss dropped cal to one and four. and head coach looking for improvement. from maynard. >> sometimes kit abe route or a poor throw. so it's not just one thing. so you hope with expeef expeefr -- experience, it can go. >> and there is following the oklahoma state-kansas state game. harding park today, round two of the cup championship. david frost chipping in on 12th for birdie. rolls it n he's four under there. is a tie for the lead z there is an approach on number two. pure perfection. slam dunk for eagle. there is after the big celebration wednesday turns
6:57 pm
out that association of serving professionals made a math mistake. turns out he has to win here in san francisco and they didn't today because of the bad conditions. next week, the lock of the title that, is unbelievably embarrassing. but listen to this. this let's getter. he'd been reading a blog. >> he told them... they said no. >> and could be honorable. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> see you later this evening. >> have a good night.
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